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Possible HIV cure overlooked?

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I find the most hope in these immune therapy trials where they alter the immune system in some way to give it an effective tool to kill HIV as it rises and continues to rise from latent cells. I don't know if anything has been overlooked. My understanding is that the immune therapies are using extremely cutting edge technology.

From what I've read our bodies do mount an attack against hiv. I believe hiv has a sugar coating that makes it difficult for our antibodies to attach to its surface to essentially mark it to be killed by the immune system. Nonetheless, our bodies have success to varying degrees in actually controlling the infection. I've found little literature on how we are able to effectively attack hiv before things move out of control.

I, of course, have hope for a cure. But in the shorter term I have hope that a cost effective therapy will be developed to allow our bodies to control the infection w/o meds. I find the cost of the disease and how tied we are to medical care to be just as upsetting as what's going on inside my body.


Hi J220, I found your post on PEHRG214 very exciting and made my brain smile :) A successful polyclonal approach would be an awesome breakthrough in HIV treatment and help millions of people who encounter drug resistance. The R&D of the use of antibody-base HIV theraphy (especially from another animal) may seem unprecedented and slow, but for good reason...the scientists have to make sure that when it is applied in vivo that it is truly HIV-antigen specific and not attack human antigens. I was not aware of such research at a phase 2 stage, so thanks for bringing it up! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Yes Brian, it is my understanding that our own bodies do mount an attack again the virus, varying it may be (depending on the individual and the HIV strain or existing/acquired mutations). It is my belief that a cure will attack the lytic viruses (those found in the blood stream and tissues) and attack the viral genome within the nucleus of our cells...we already have a number of meds/treatments for the first approach, it's the 2nd that is pissing off all the scientists and those of us living with HIV.


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