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Since my diagnosis in May, I haven't really been busy job and just counting down the days for school to start.
Well I dance in a company and have to be up at 6am on Monday.  Well, I go to bed at 6am and wake up at 2pm cuz I'm depressed.
I've tried Lunesta, Xanax, and melatonin to help change my circadian rhythm and they are not helping.  I'm very sensitive to sleep meds.
SO I was wondering if I should go the Tylenol PM (1/2 dose) route...or Nyquil. Monday is going to suck!
What about Ativan? What works for you people out there who have sleep problems worse than mine?

nothing worse than lying in bed, knowing you have to get some sleep and can't

i take 50-100mg of trazadone and if that fails, i take 1mg of ativan and my brain just shuts off

i awake like i'm coming out of general anesthesia, but some tea or coffee gets me functional

ask your doc and see what they recommend

good luck

I have tried almost everything on the market. Ambien,Ambien CR, Lunesta,Trazadone 300 mg, gabapenton,rozerom, Xanax, Klonopin and the list goes on. So many now I tend to forget them all. I have a sleep study coming up Sat so maybe that will give some relief.
  Since you just tested POZ, I believe your insomnia is "all in your head". Try to enjoy every day and only think about your hiv when you take your meds. Granted I have pronounced insomnia now but poz 16 years. Good luck and sweet dreams. NOT trying to sound sarcastic.

I take 150 mg of trazadone and 1 mg of ativan.That knocks me right out.

Finally got my insurance through Universal Studios to cover 2 sleep studies and as it turns out I have sleep apnea. Should get me c-pap machine on Monday. Can't wait to get a good nights sleep


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