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Going Bananas about SEX...

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 OK more like Going Bananas about  Banana Sex !!!
OK so we have about a half dozen Bananna trees ( different varieties all fruit pruducing..) which have reproduced enthusiastically with the summer rains.( freshly emerged 'Pups' as the new sprouts are called)
 OK, I know my Banana basics, they produce ONE crop of fruit then I cut them down and let an offspring grow up and produce etc etc...
 OK so My question is this : I seem to remember the guy at the nursery telling me that there were Male and Female plants which grow from a common Rhizome and that ofcourse the Males produce no fruit and should be snipped as they emerge.( Im mainly interisted in the trees for the Bananas) However a Google search and several pretty good sites make no mention of this and it seems that ALL banana plants will produce fruit ( provided theyre a fruiting variety ofcourse)   and the Male/ Female distinction is only within the flower shoot itself.. the females produce fruit, then the Male flowers emerge and fruit production is  stopped so THATS when to snip off the stem so 100% of the nutrients go to fruit production ...
Is this Right??????? it sure seems so from the ones that have produced so far. Boy have they produced. Im damn near sick of bananas I have 10 pounds of banana puree in the freezer, and a healthy 8 Hand bunch on one tree Now..
I know that there are several folks here that are qualified Experts in horticulture so I thought Id ask....I need to thin out the 'pups' each tree has two or three, and only needs one as its 'replacement'  and I cant really see any difference in them ????   Anyone with any 'Banana Know How' ????


Dang, not at all what I thought this was gonna be about.

Sorry I can't help you, we don't grow banana's in Michigan.

Good luck with your pups!

I know almost nothing on the subject, but saw Produce pete this morning talking about the red ones, which got my curiosity. Hope this helps

I, like Nadine was lured here "pre-maturely"..   We no have bananas up here...

Ditto for the false start.   ;D

Good luck with your "banana"! :)


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