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If you ever come to Traverse City....DO NOT....I REPEAT....DO NOT come during the Cherry sucks beyond compare....I get so irrate around the HOARDS of tourists that come into our little town... Now I don't mind's our main income....BUT when a tourist decides that it's OK to park ON THE SIDEWALK SO THEY CAN WATCH THE PARADE FROM THIER CAR...well that's where I get a littl peeved.   Don't come into my home and act like you own the joint. I'll cut you. I swear! (This is directed at all of the diddywackers down at the pie eating contest....)

I need to move somewhere completely undesireable to every dingleberry with "I <3 TC" shirts on.


Sorry...I am usually one of those tourists you are talking about, well maybe not exactly, I do not run amok though your fine city.  We couldn't make it up there this year, maybe that's a good thing seeing the mood your in LOL

Take care

maybe you should get a pea shooter and attack them all with cherry pits!  just a thought  ;)

Same GOES for Fourth of July in Aspen!!!   STAY AWAY... Its a Zoo..  "Do you know who I am?!?"..  "I don't know,  an ASSHOLE MAYBE?" :P

Hahah Nadine...I'm sure you and yours are lovely...I was just frustrated..I live downtown so it makes it quite hard to get around! If you make it up here next year let me know! :) I would love to spit some cherry pits with you!

Not exactly about Traverse City or Aspen, but: I like freaking out/embarassing my straight friends when they say something like "He's an asshole!" I reply, "Mmmmm, aaaaaashooooole..." The way Homer Simpson says "Mmmmm beeeeeeeer..." Silly, I know, but I get a kick out of it.  ;D


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