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Blood pressure meds will deflate the willy too.


Andy Velez:
Bear, it seems a likely place to start to I am wondering if you guys discussed this problem with his/your doctor? And what their responses have been.

Yea......its all been discussed with doctors and he WAS.... a few years ago... using a testosterone patch...then some other medication I cant remember and he was NOT happy with side effects. So, he stopped taking anything for the erection problem.
I am basically asking if anyone else has had to deal with this.....I am NOT asking for a diagnosis.  But I appreciate the responses from:
BB...He is not on any blood pressure meds
SAE.... He is not taking any anti depressants
Rapidrod....hey do you live up to your name??? lol anyway..yes the testosterone levels are probably an issue.
Andy.... we have been together for 13 years and I guess the "newness" wore off about ten years ago.  Now if we have sex twice a year its a surprise. Or maybe its seasonal...OK honey time for our "summer sex now"....only three more months till fall sex.

Hey Bear60,

 Although I thankfully have not had to deal with this issue personally, I have a friend who cannot take Viagra either and he and his partner use a drug called Caverject. The concept freaks the hell out of me, but I believe it is a drug injected into the penis. I looked it up online and found this for you:

Alprostadil belongs to a class of medications known as prostaglandins. Prostaglandins like alprostadil cause increased blood flow to certain areas of the body by causing the blood vessels in the area to widen. In particular, an alprostadil injection causes increased blood flow to the penis. It allows more blood to flow into the penis and produce an erection. This makes the medication useful for treatment of erectile dysfunction (also known as male impotence). The goal is to achieve erections that last up to one hour.

 At any rate, you aren't looking for "diagnosis" as you have said, so I am offerring up this as a possible solution. Good luck!

thanks PDX Ron.......but I dont think that he would go for that either.  He does not do well with needles.
I still feel there must be some other couple out there who has gone thru this and
HOW did it affect the relationship, or get dealt with?


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