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How many guys here have partners who cannot achieve an erection any more.  And has this affected your relationship?  My partner has been struggling with this problem for a long time...and since we were very sexual in the beginning of our relationship it's been a problem for me.  He just doesnt seem the same guy anymore. Not that he isnt sexy and I still love him, but he never initiates sex anymore but wants me to.

Andy Velez:
Bear, pretty much everyone experiences some slowing down after the initial period of first careless rapture in a relationship.

A few questions come to mind. First of all, has your partner had things checked out with his doctor to look for any physiological source(s) for the problem.

Secondly, how's the level of intimacy in general in your relationship? You say he has trouble getting hard but that he wants you to initiate sex with him. So that doesn't sound like someone who's not interested.

If you will, say some more about what goes on when you have sex, how open you each are about making clear what you want sexually and what you enjoy, etc. Does he have any ideas about why he has trouble getting hard? Does he get hard sometimes and if so, what's the difference between circumstances then and other occasions?

Thanks for bringing this difficult subject up.


Andy..... this is all due to the HIV meds he is taking.  or should I say has been taking for the past 17 years.  He just cant get it up...period.
Except...well let me see ...with Viagra. But since he nearly had a heart attack due to the high cholesterol from lipodystrophy.... he has been reluctant to take Viagra.
Its not that he isnt interested...its just that ....nothing happens.

What's his Testosterone level. He may have ED due to Testosterone levels.

Also check into any antidepressants he might be taking.  ED and loss of libido are well documented side effects of SSRI's.  An antidepressant might be easier to change vs. another med.



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