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OOwwwww!! My guinea pig just bit me!

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I know this sounds stupid but is there anything to be concerned about getting bit by a guinea pig?It wasnt intentional as these are very meek animals(I was feeding him a grape by hand),I squeezed as much blood from the tip of my finger ,washed it with warm water and put antibacterial cream on it and a bandage.For a nonhiver it would be nothing but for us Im not sure.  I realise I have it easy as Im not on meds yet,Im still a newbie and not totally sure what to be worried about,butIm learning fast. :o

Dont worry about that. My dog Diana, bites me from time to time when we play and even makes me bleed. We also do long sessions of french kissing and the cat of my friend Arantxa scratched my arms the other day... Nothing has happened to me so far...


You probably ran more of a risk from the grape that the guinea pig...

I'd of bitten it back!
Shame on the guinea pig...

i m sure you'll be just fine.


Used to be that HIV poz people were told to get rid of pets.  Now its just the opposite.
However, if I were you, I would not want to handle a giunea pig that bites.
When I lived in South America they were a delicacy and made very good dinner.....broiled, barbecued or roasted on a spit. lol


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