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hi i'm pretty new.It sounds like most of the woman here are long term survivor's and didn't  know they were infected.
I knew right away a sinking feeling something wasn't right .if someone is symptomatic are they any of you out there ? did you go on meds right away?

a girlfriend of mine past away in seven years is that normal? it kind of freaks me out.

Queen Tokelove:
Hey Puff,

Welcome to the Forums. All I can tell you is that this virus affects us all differently. You will see that as others post. Some will start meds right away depending on their numbers and some will wait. I, myself, is going on 10 years this year of having this virus and am not on any meds yet. Try not to freak out and do some reading here on the site in the other forums. One of our moderators here, Ann has links at the end of her posts that has information on them that I'm sure will be useful to you. Feel free to PM me if you got any questions or just want to vent, it wouldn't be a bother at all. One thing I will say, if you have any stress going on around you, try to get rid of it. Stress does a number on our immune systems. Keep us posted.

I still have strange symptoms , swollen glands , restless leg insomnia,
I think they might put me on meds right away if so that would make me a fast progressor , symptomatic right??
any one know. the meds should slow it down though for how long no one knows. does anyone know anyone dying right away from this disease or are people living more than 10 years the norm?? i hear diffennt things like its chronic blah blah...then sooo many people die of this surpassing the black plague blah blah
make up their minds >:(

Hello, Welcome to the forums. i was diagnosed in 2004 and started meds in 2005. Queen is correct, this virus affects everyone differently. There are very good lessons here on this site. Feel free to browse them. I found when I was first diagnosed that information made me feel better. Hope to hear more from you. Best of luck.  Cristy


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