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Does the emotional roller coaster ever stop ... or at least slow down?!

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My husband just tested positive the middle of June.  He got his first test results back mid-July (actually, Friday the 13th - yuck) and they were much worse than he was expecting.  He's at 17%.  He doesn't get his next blood draw until the end of September and then we won't get those results until mid-October.  He doesn't ever say he's depressed - (God forbid he open up and tell anyone how he really feels or what he's actually thinking) - but I can tell there are days he's definately down in the dumps.  Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do or say - if anything - to "make it all better"?  He's also chosen not to disclose his status to several family members yet, even though I think some of them could be excellent sources of support.  Any suggestions for us newbies?

Hi again Secret,

there is no urgency to disclose. Take a deep breath and you and him have plenty of time to think about who should be aware of his status. There are many consequences, good and bad, so what I suggest is that you spend time reading the forums, there are plenty of posts about this situation (you can click on "search" and type "disclosure family" for example). But this is not just about disclosure, it's about you and him feeling good starting this journey together, and once again there are many posts about couples living with hiv, so read along, and don't hesitate to ask questions :)

Does it get better? Yup. Knowledge & knowing that there are people out there that are available for you makes it way better. The first months after diagnosis are a bit insane, I agree  :-[


Yeah, it eases up. It's like taking the double loop out and all you do, is go for the ride. To tell you the truth it gets boring. Not in a bad way though. Kinda like a new car exciting at first, then after a while it's just a car. If you are rich it's a fast sporty car.  ;)


--- Quote from: RapidRod on August 01, 2007, 07:39:03 AM --- Kinda like a new car exciting at first, then after a while it's just a car. If you are rich it's a fast sporty car.  ;)

--- End quote ---
Um ok. Go back to your cage, Rapid :D

:D :D :D


water duck:
After the Storm...........the Calm..................the Sunshine

During the Calm , we take stock of the "damages"

During the Sunshine, we do the "repairs" and prepare for the next "storm"

AND we get better in handling the "storms" and better "skilled" in doing the "repairs"



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