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living with hiv is a challenge do u think only certain people need to know

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]i fee my family dont need to know or my children they have enuff on thier plate besides in happy with the way it is im not botherd by stupid questions or ignorance. :-*

The only way to overcome ignorance is through education.

By isolating your diagnosis from your family (they are going to find out someday, and might well resent you for your duplicity) you are setting yourself up to face some awfully harsh stuff, all alone.

I went to the hospital to visit my mom, right before she died.  They (both parents) were pretending it was a routine blood clot problem and nothing to be concerned about.  They were simply thinning out the blood so the clot would disapeer.

A nurse walked into that room while I was visiting, the look on her face said death, words were not spoken.

My friend Lisa was on TV with me last month on an AIDS special.  She has been living with HIV/AIDS for 10 years and has a 4 year old son.  He asked his mother recently what AIDS meant, she is finding a way to educate him so that as he gets older and the disease progresses, he may be able to deal with the problems and issues.

My friend Harold was on the same special.  He is a 20 year survivor, his son grew up helping his dad to remember to take his medications, providing support and now his grand daughter does the same.  Education is the key to dealing with this disease and if you find a way to openly discuss HIV with your family, there is your best support group.  Have the best day

I havenīt told my family. They would be worried, my mom would never sleep again...Why tell them if they canīt help me. And I donīt need any help right now.

I Cant tell my family either. I know if i did it would be the end of the world. My mom would be in a panic for the rest of her natural life. I  personally dont need the stress of all that and neither do they.
 Some people can talk to their families about this which is good. In my case tho its just not an option. I have only told a few people whom have been a great support to me. I have specifically limmitted the number of people i have told to keep my privacy.  Its allways best to be very careful with the people you tell.


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