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Seeing red, not mad, I mean blood!

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  The past two days when I get out of bed I have been suffering really bad nausea. As soon as I got out of bed I had to use the bathroom.   I am seeing what appears to be blood..  When I wipe it definitely looks like blood..  If it is red like that it would mean that its not coming internally right?  It has to be a hemorrhoid right?  I always thought if your bleeding inside it would show up as black in your stool or some kind of oily stool.   I am just a little worried because the nausea seems to preclude it and I have been having low energy..

Anybody know about these things?  Help!



Depends on where the blood is coming from.  Blood from "higher up," i.e. stomach, upper intestine might manifest itself as the traditional "dark,tarry stool," whereas fresh, red blood usually means there is some type of bleed going on lower in the digestive tract, e.g. colon, rectum, anus.

In any case, it's nothing to disregard.  May just be hemorrhoids or it may not.  Espcially if you are feeling weak.  Get yourself to a doctor my friend and have him/her check things out.

Take care,


I was afraid someone would say  go to the doctor....  It may just be a hemorrhoid.  I'll see if it happens again...

Hey, that's my standard answer any more these days.

I put off seeing mine for the longest time, and got a screwed immune system in the process.  Best not to fuck around with these things if something can be done  :)


Honestly? I'd get in touch with a doctor if I was you. Seeing blood, feeling nauseated. Those are two troubling symptoms, and better safe than sorry.


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