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Does anyone else have an opinion on this? I'm very scared. I can't eat, sleep. I'm afraid of infecting my fiance even though he's convinced I'm ok. I don't know what to do.

Andy Velez:
I certainly don't see any risk of HIV in this situation with regard to your gynecological examinations.

What is it you think you are going to infect your fiancee with?

I think they are scared of infecting them with Fear Andy. That's the only thing I see her suffering from.


F alse                            F ace
E vidance                      E verything
A ppearing                    A nd
R eal                             R ecover

theres both, the problem & the solution*

I know I probably sound like a complete loon. It's just that not only did my gyno not wash her hands, she only wore a glove on the hand that she was examining me with. She handled the instruments she used on me with her other hand and that makes me nervous. I have all these what ifs. What if she had blood or vaginal secretions on her bare hand? What if that blood got on the instruments and then was passed onto me?

I know all this is highly unlikely, and I read the lessons and I've done my research. I know HIV doesn't live outside the body for more than a few minutes, so even if there was something on her bare hand, she probably couldn't have infected me. Still, I can't help but wonder. Is there a chance that I got infected? Or is all of this in my head?


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