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used the same toothbrush


hey everyone, so this is really random but im stil a bit nervous about it..whenever i visit my bf i used to have a toothbrush at his place and id always ask him to make sure if the blue one was mine and he'd always say yes. anyways i walked in on him brushing his teeth and saw him using MY my gums have bled a few times from brushing too hard..but i dont know if his have (and if i ask, i assume he's gonna say no to make me feel better) and ive used that toothbrush maybe about 10 times (and not everytime did my gums bleed) and there were long intervals b/w him using it (assuming he's been using the same toothbrush as me the whole time) and i never saw any particles or stains on the brush..i guess im just nervous and wondering likelihood of transmission as well as whether i should even bother getting tested since i tend to always freak out before them anyways

I feel offended by this post, and want to say "Cant you read the lessons?. Havent you learned anything by being here?"

Suggestion:  Keep hydrogen peroxide handy and soak the brushes in it before use. In our bathroom there is a cup filled with hydrogen peroxide. The tooth brushes soak in hydrogen peroxide. Change it weekly.

i didnt mean to offend u or anyone else by asking this..the only reason i was nervous is bc the HIV counselor i spoke to the first time i got tested specifically stressed to not use the same razors or toothbrushes in case of bleeding..if this was offensive then sorry

I agree with Bear, you know better because you have asked this type of question before. Do yourself and us a favor and sit down and read the lessons before you post again. You need to discuss your fears with your boyfriend if you are to have a successful relationship.


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