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freakin out please help

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well now that you have found out i made two names I am sorry but i did this for one reason only.  i made a post about a similar incident about a week or two ago and i didn't want to post again fearing that i would get no responses. 

as for what I have posted in this thread I didn't seem to get a clear reply.  to try and clarify the situation i had two cuts on my wrist they were not deep but they were cuts.  an hour after this happened someone was leaving work and they grabbed me by my  wrist  to say goodbye to me.  now my cuts were not bleeding at the time and i inspected my wrist afterwards and saw that there was a semi scab on it and there was none of his blood visible on my wrist as well.  now I would please like some insight as to whether or not i was at any risk for exposure to HIV. 

No risk.


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