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Bruising easily

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Hi All.
Does anyone else get bruised easily...Lately when i wake up, I have black n blues all over,..
Last week i had blood work done, and the needle mark left a huge purple mark
which never happened before..The guy at my clinic who takes my blood has
been doing it for 4 yrs now, and i never had this problem before. I have been
on meds for 5 yrs now..and just recently this is happening..
Can anyone expand on this issue for me...
Oh, by the way, I don't take any aspirin, so it wouldn't be that...Could it be that
i just started Truvada..Iam lost here..advise please..........thanks for your time
and Patience's..

Hello, I take Atripla which is Truvada and Sustiva in one pill and have always bruised easily. It got a little worse after I started my meds in 2005 and now I take a prenatal vitamen every day and that seems to help me at least.  Hope this helps you .  Good luck     Cristy

Hi Ubotts,

I have been on Sustiva and Truvada since Oct 2005.  I have never bruised!  I'm wondering if that will change over time for me?  My mother is 60yo and she bruises just from her purse falling from her shoulder down to her forearm.  I think its related to diet, perhaps, or just plain heredity?  I'll let you know if I hear anything!


I think I bruise more easily, but I'm not on meds--so no correlation there. I've also considered heredity as a factor since my mom has severe vericose veins and just plain aging!!

I am very active, smack my legs with and against stuff more than I ever realize and then wonder where the hell I was when I'm staring at the black and blue marks the next day.

One odd type of bruising I get that I NEVER got before dx, are small bruises on my arms particularly in the bicep area -- about the diameter of a pencil eraser. They seem to appear with zero provocation. Anyone get those?

Queen Tokelove:
I bruise easily too especially when I get blood drawn. I am missing the connection with aspirin though, care to clarify? But there are times when I notice lil bruises and don't have a clue where they came from. I didn't know meds could cause bruising either. Enlighten me some more ladies...


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