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Ohla dudettes,
Thought I'd share some info.
I went yestersday to the ID doc, my T-Cell  663 and am still undectable. Yeah for meds!!!!!
However I am still battling with the painful acne, thinning hair, weight gain, frequent urination, and irregular periods. So my doc ordered more blood work for Thyroid, glucose, and hormone. Which all came back normal, I just learned , so it's the birth control pills that's causing all the choas in my body. So as of today I have officailly stoped taking THE PILL.
This is so crazy, since i've been on the pill since I was 15. I don't know what to think. Just have to see if anything inproves. My dad has Thyroid problems and Diabetes runs in the family, and I'm worried that I might have a problem it;'s just not surfaced yet.( on the labs anyway).

Thanks for lisening,
Nicole in California

Hi Nic,

Thanks for the update.  I am practically going through the same crap.  I am 37 and have been an insulin-dependent diabetic since age 11.  I have been on the pill since age 19.  During the past five years my cycles have gone haywire!  My GYN said it was because my thyroid was screwed up.  I actually started taking thyroid meds about five years ago as well, being told underactive thyroid is a side effect of diabetes.  Just this year, I have had some trouble because the thyroid meds needed to be upped.  I did that in May and recent labs show that I am moving in the right direction with the thyroid.  However, my cycles went nuts in April and it turns out I have an ovarian fibroid which has returned, and in addition I have uterine fibroids as well.  I had an abnormal Pap come back in early May, before I upped the thyroid meds.  I am still bleeding during my third week of pills into the fourth week, so my period is arriving too early.  I go see my GYN on 8/9 to reevaluate.  All she has done over the years is keep changing my pills and she tells me that stress doesn't affect my cycle, the thyroid does.  Well, in light of the awful year I've had, I believe that stress has something to do with it as well!  I am hoping these fibroids shrink and go away on their own soon, as they did a few years ago.  I thought I was going to absolutely bust from pressure and pelvic pain last Weds!  Yow!

The frequent urination you're having makes me wonder about diabetes.  Do you get up in the middle of the night, or do you just go a lot during the day?  I go all of the time as my body is getting rid of sugar while I take insulin all day, so I'm used to it.  I always have to go.  I have wondered about stopping the pill, but the entire reason I started it at age 19 was because of painful, heavy cycles lasting eight days or so.  Now its ten days to two weeks, but not heavy, all things considered.  I might have to by stock in pantyliner, lol!

Let me know how you're doing, and rock 'n' roll at that new job Monday!


Queen Tokelove:
Great Numbers...The constant urination could be an over active bladder, have you considered that? But you know there is no MD behind my name. Since diabetes does run in your family, I would start taking precautions now. And don't let anyone tell you that you are borderline diabetic because there is no such thing according to my nutritionist, you either are or you're not. There are all kinds of bc pills maybe you need to switch? The pill didn't help with  my periods, it made them worse and didn't do jack for my hormone imbalance. I am now on the depo shot and loving it...No more periods for me, no sirreeee...... ;D

Thanks for the responses
So far all the tests were negative, so I have to just wait.
I just starting noticeing the frequent urination, when changing a tampoon became bothersome, since I was peeing so much. but I do get up like twice night to pee, is that a problem as well?
They just did the glucose screen where I fasted for 12 hours, so I don't know what all that entails.
But what is this Depo shot, you speak of Queen? Is it working for you? no weird side effects?
I emailed my gyno but she's out of office, untill the 29th, basically asking her for my options. I'm thinking about getting a IUD maybe? Who knows at this point.
I need help with the diet part if its diabetes, or even pre diabetes, I have no idea about this,
please help


If you get up at night, it could very well be diabetes.  Thing is, when I became diabetic I was drinking tons of water and getting up 2 -3 times a night as well.  This is the body's way to flush out excess sugar since its not producing insulin effectively.  So, by drinking all of this water, there should be a great reduction in weight initially.  I was only 11 yo, I was about 5'2" and 115lbs.  I went down to 98 lbs in two weeks before they figured out what was going on.  Your tongue will feel swollen because you are constantly thirsty and you will be fatigued because your body is trying to combat excess sugar without the benefit of enough insulin. 

If you can't wait for the labs, you can always ask your pharmacist about test strips that you pass through your urine stream.  They'll tell you immediately if you're "spilling sugar" into your urine.

Hope this helps!



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