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Well went in yesterday and got the results from my Western Blot.
Still Poz.   I didn't go in expecting it not 2 be but I have 2 admit, there was a part of me that hoping like ALL HELL that it was a false Poz. 
It wasn't as bad getting the news this time as it was the first time with the rapid test but yesterday was still a pretty rough day 4 me.  I feel like a couple of the people I have told feel like it's been a week and I should be over it and back 2 normal and as much as I wish that was the case It's just not in the cards 4 me right now.  I have way 2 much shit running thru my mind that sometimes I find it hard 2 even keep up with conversations.
I also had 2 disclose 2 someone that there was a chance he was infected and that was one of the hardest things I have had 2 do EVER.  He seemed 2 be understanding about it but time will tell. 
Got a lot done after getting my results.
I met with a counselor/case management type person there in the same office and ended up making the appointment with my
I.D. doc this Monday 2 get my full screens, got an appointment with an H.I.V. therapist on the 13th, got in touch with my local AIDS organization and got the ball rolling on that.   
I am anxious and scared about getting my initial numbers and yet at the same time I wish they would be here tomorrow LOL does that make sense to any one else??

Ok enough out of me I need 2 try and get some sleep if I can

Thanks 4 reading/listening

I thought about you all day yesterday. So sorry about your diagonisis, but now you know for sure and you have done the right thing in getting the ball rolling.

Give yourself some time..its been 2 months for us and im sure not sure that i feel "normal" half the time. My life has changed for sure and it will never be the same as it was before but its not the end of the world. Things are starting to fall into place slowly but surely.

You have alot of people here at Aids/Med that will be here for you. You hang in there hon. Wish i was there to give ya a big hug.

Hugs JAG
From TAG

Andy Velez:
Hi Jag,

Sorry to read you've gotten confirmation. It's going to take a while to get adjusted to the news. You're doing very well so far in dealing with it. Just realize that you have support here and from others you are already checking out.

Allow yourself time to get accustomed to living with HIV in your life. Gradually you will learn whatever you need to know. If you think of questions to ask your doctor, write them down so you don't have to rely on your memory. Make notes if you need to when you talk with your doctor.

You'll find some helpful information in some of the lessons on this site as well.

You're always welcome here to ask questions or to discuss anything that's on your mind.


Hey Jag,
Sorry for the confirmation. But you have done all the right things.

Now, try to take some time to relax, try to put this out of your mind (easier said than done) and just let the dust settle a little bit.

The reaction of your friends, while sad, is common. They don't understand what you are going through.

I have had people tell me, "Well, everyone has to have something wrong with them." Yeah, right.

But, keep in mind we understand and will be here for you.

Hang in there.



Hi Jag,
I am sorry about the results, but you are taking all the right steps. It is very hard in the beginning. I would hide in the closet, crying, afraid to go out, afraid to go to the doctors. Take one day at a time, talking to a therapist is a great thing also.


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