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what's this crazy "filmstrip" on my tongue?

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hi guys... i have one question...
since my my epstein-barr virus and diagnosed positive i have a kind of white film on my tongue...
If i clean it with a spoon it's ok... but it appears again either if i drink milk products or if i dont clean it with the spoon.

what is it... i mean i will go to the doc to have a look at it this coming week... but does it have anything to do with hiv? any same experience? I worry a bit


Miss Philicia:
probably thrush

ps:  don't let that picture scare you -- mine was never THAT bad when I had it.  You're doctor will probably prescribe something like Diflucan for it.  Thrush is easy to get in your lower range of cd4's, and I don't recall it being hard to get rid of.  Really not too big of a deal, but they will want to control it if that's what your doctor thinks it is.

edit:  your cd4's are a bit high for thrush (I just quickly glanced at your older postings) but then again mine were not far off from this one time that I had thrush.  Could be something else of course.

Having a white tongue is normal and common. Thrush can happen to anyone at any time. Thrush is painful. You have nothing to worry about.

Matty the Damned:
I agree with Roddles here Billy. A "white tongue" is quite common. It may be thrush. It may not. Smokers, for example, often have white tongues. That's something you should discuss when you see your doctor. If it is thrush, it's very easily treated.

Wackypedia (which has all the credibility of a ranting train station schizophrenic) is really not the best place to get information on medical stuff.


You can clean your tongue with a tongue scrapper. I use that one because it doesn't make me gag like the other ones. If your tongue becomes painful or has scars then get it checked by your dentist or doctor. If it's just a white coating with no pain it's very common, just scrape it away when you brush your teeth.

Milker (who has a strong gag reflex  >:()


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