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Hi everyone! I was just diagnosed in May and am learning how to deal with everything. Right now I am recovering from being really sick. I have so many questions about living with this and how to deal with people. Only my immediate family knows and they are VERY supportive. I haven't told anyone else for fear of judgement. I guess I am looking for someone to relate to. I am a heterosexual female, have never used drugs, and have only been sexually involved with one person. Of all the luck huh? I am happy I found this place and am hoping to learn quite a bit.

Hey vivyt,
I'm glad you found us.  I was diagnosed December 2005 after a bout with walking pneumonia.  I had a limited number of partners too.  I found out after I got married.  My husband has been truly supportive and he is really my best friend.  Only my immediate family and my husband know.  My in-laws and none of my friends know.  This place has helped me a lot with coping and my spiritual path too (Christianity).  You are going to go through so many emotions it's crazy but you will grow so much.  Keep talking here because we need each other.

I just got over pneumonia as well. I was definitely not doing well. Thank you for responding. Is it ok to ask if your husband is positive? I am single and would like to get married someday but am afraid about it all. Obviously it does work though.

I too am a Christian and if it were not for the prayer I would be having a more difficult time. Thank you again!

Hi Viv,

I'm Cindy in Maryland, 37yo, diagnosed in '93.  I got the virus from my BF, who would become my husband.  He passed in '96 when we were both pretty young.  I, too, felt like you do now.  I never did drugs and always used protection except for maybe 2 or 3 times once I was in that monogamous relationship with my soon to be husband.  He had the virus, knew it, and didn't tell me, even ASKED to NOT use protection.  Here I was worried that the pill would fail me and I would get pregnant.  Yes, the thought of HIV entered my mind, but only briefly, I mean after all, that couldn't happen to us, right?  So, I empathize with what you are going through.  I have only been on this site a month and it is a great source of comfort for me.  I am Catholic and pray to God, knowing that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be right now, although I still don't quite get it!  LOL  You should hop over to the dating thread here, its like a journal for all of us GFs.  I think you'll find some humor in it!  There are about seven of us who post regularly.  Queen Akasha aka GQ (Green Queen), Emeraldize, ckc aka Christy, Dragonette, Camille, zachysmom (where has she been?) and myself.  Come on over and join us!

Damn, was that a "plug for the dating thread?"  LOL   :D

Hang in there and please reach out.  I was hesitant a month ago, but now I feel at home with sisters here!  Its wonderful!


Hello Viv, and Ladies,
How is everyone tonight?

Welcome to the most informative and friendly forum out there. I know it's a bummer to have been diagnosed so relatively soon,( most of us here have been dealing with it for years).
I think you'll find that the ladies (and men) on this site are not only compassionate, understanding, and informative, but we all have experiences you can relate to. We will do our best to make you feel at ease and comfortable about asking any question you may have. So don't feel embarrased or afraid of asking anything. I for one am so excited about finding this forum, it has really helped me get through my day on some days. We women live in all areas of the world but on this site we are under one roof, so to speak, because we're family.
So once again, Welcome.
Hope to hear from you again,

keep the faith.


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