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--- Quote from: ndrew on July 28, 2007, 03:02:23 AM ---I sometimes feel trapped by my life.  Does anyone know what I mean?

I am happy mostly, but sometimes I feel this way.


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Hey Drew. Prior to HIV I did *not* feel trapped. But now I do feel sorta trapped by HIV the actual virus. But, even more trapping than HIV itself  is the financial vicious circle caused by HIV which is pretty much like quicksand with no way out. It's enough to make you scream

Andy Velez:
I hear ya, All, I hear ya. Takes a lotta grit to get through.

yes, Drew, i feel trapped...
i can have good days, but then the spector of getting really sick and the expenses throws down huge walls that block any paths i was thinking of attempting.and knowing it's not IF i get sick but WHEN...i've been trying to locate books about people who live with other terminal illnesses and what they do to cope

i do know that venting on this site does seem to help me...since it's hard for me to say these things out loud (i can still barely even say the words 'HIV' or 'AIDS', even when talking to people who are also infected, i say 'sick' or 'it') at least i can try to express my fears here

you are not alone, good luck

Hi Everyone,

It's nice to hear from you and your experiences.  I am glad to share your company :)

One huge thing for me was the fact that I had a huge project and was working 24/7 the last two weeks+health issues like ear/sinus infection, etc.  The project was great, but now I feel a void.  I am exhausted.  I guess I was feeling like I could not get away from the deadline and it was making me unhealthy and stressed, but I wanted to push myself to be my best in front of my peers. 

I think I feel trapped about many of the same things at times, finances for sure, but also just trapped by adult life.  I am so immature.  I just don't want to be an adult.  I suppose that is such a cliche, but too many responsibilities feel like they are sucking my life away.

I guess I am doing what I like and love, but when I feel like it is becoming an entity of itself it bothers me.  I feel like I am caught up in a big machine and lose the joy and play of life that is so dear.

I love my independence and all, but I am finding no dating opportunities where I live.

I think there is a way out of these habits.  I need to make more of a commitment to other things in life than work...

I guess I need to have some fun now.



--- Quote from: ndrew on August 06, 2007, 07:53:20 PM ---
I think there is a way out of these habits.  I need to make more of a commitment to other things in life than work...

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I know that one very well.  I was a slave to my job 6-7 days a week 10-12 hours a day and when they let me go (for a b.s explanation) my world crashed...because the job was my world.  Sad on my part.

I just read a recent blog post that comes to mind:


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