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I sometimes feel trapped by my life.  Does anyone know what I mean?

I am happy mostly, but sometimes I feel this way.


I have on occasion Drew, but not often, and mostly by circumstances beyond my control.


Like Daniel, not often, but I have experienced that feeling. When anything challenges me that way, I draw it out. Taking paper and  pencil, I literally draw it out in a diagram. A circle for me, circles for issues that are nagging, circles for things going well, etc. Then, I have something to look at, size up, consider alternatives for, etc. It's like my own mini-War Room in which I decide what forces I'll bring to bear on creating change.

Yep...though with me I wasn't mostly happy - like to pretend I was, but I wasn't (BTW - This is not projecting on you - I am talking about myself)

In my case though I was ignoring the feelings of being trapped for too long and it all got me to a place where I went Tharn.

Ironically it was by giving in to being trapped that I was able to get out of it ....what it required was giving up just about everything (physical as well as emotional) and I was left with a pretty clean slate a life allowed (by me) to change.

I learned one lesson from that period - don't hold onto to things that are making me feel trapped - and I define trapped by being unable to move forward.  It amazes me how many times I have to remind myself of the things I don't need and that I cling to and which only weigh me down.

Andy Velez:
Drew, "trapped" can mean different things. What may seem obvious to you when you say that isn't always to others. Can you say some more about it and let us in with specifics.



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