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Bis repetita!

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errata corrige:  I was shocked by Brazil not winning!

Hello Val and Dario,

What did you think of the games?   



I think that France played superbly.  They actually taught the Brazilians how to play soccer.  It was sad to see for example such a superb midfielder like Kaka being unable to play his usual style.  The brazilians made too many mistakes but their worst defect was individualism.

On the other hand the French had team work and co-ordination.  If the French keep on playing like this they may well win the world cup. They were just fantastic.  I am happy for the coach Raymond Dominich ... Now he can have his sweet revenge on the media. 

Ironically I felt that the English played better after Beckham went out and Rooney was expelled.  It was very frustrating to see super star footballers like Lampard and Gerrard fail their penalties.

I love the world cup!  It helps me forget for few days this bug in my blood ... Thanks Gord for the question!

Hi Gord!
Well, thank goodness it is over!  Brazil played --- can we call it play? --- so badly and deserved to leave Germany.  France's team was almost unrecognizable and played almost as beautifully as in 1998, when they won the Wordl Cup against...guess whom!
I confess that I was a little bit sad about the Brazilian performance,  and wished they had at least fought harder to give us a penalty shoot out or something more exciting than what they showed the world.  Favoritism never really helped Brazil anyway!  I do remember when I was young and stunningly good looking (I'm a very modest guy, as you can see), in 1982, and went to see my first World Cup in Barcelona.  Gosh, did I have fun! Life was so different back then and Barcelona was pure magic.  The stadiums were full of people from every country in the global map and everyone was having a blast!
In addition to that,  everything seemed so right and Brazil had one of the most wonderful team a country can put together.  For the Brazilian press in general,  and to a less extent to the international press, Brazil could not loose that tournament! Well, they did.  And I cried and cried and cried till I realized that it was not worth crying for that cause...!  Last night I didn't cry at all 'cause was somehow glad that my second home country is moving forward in the competition. 
Dario is right!  If France keeps playing like that, I really don't see which team will be able to stop them from holding that much desired cup in Berlin on the 9th of July.


Hey Guys,

Thanks for your replies.  Seems we are all in agreement about last night's game.   At this point in the playoff every win provides a momentum
for the respective team.   France will certainly be on a roll.

As a Canuck I dream of one day seeing a Canadian team qualifying to play.

Soccer has always been a passion of mine,




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