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Howdy All,

Germany and Italy.   Hey guys, the Italian side of my family will disown me but that home town advantage  I feel puts the momentum is behind Germany, plus I'm really impressed with Lehmann goal keeping. 

What are your thoughts?

Be well and cheers all round!


I must agree with you about the home advantage the Germans have.  It does count!  Plus, they are a tough team to play even without the home advantage...  And considering the fact that for the past ten years or so they have been up there with Brazil in every final!  It is indeed as simple as that: in most of the finals of the World Cup, the other countries would play for the title  either against Germany or Brazil!  Italy had better watch out for them, I tell you!  Being Italian by adoption (I lived in Rome for several years), I'd be inclined to cheer for  Italy.  On the other hand, I also lived in Munich for several months and just adore all things German!  What's a man to do?
Now, the goal-keeper who made the strongest impression on me throughout this tournament was Ricardo, from Portugal.  He's just outstanding!  Should  France and Portugal go to the penalty shoot-outs, the French will be in very dire straits with this guy.  I believe he can indeed save the Portuguese team.



So we conur agian.  It's thrilling to watch such a high calibre of soccer.

I've really enjoyed reading your postings.



Hey, Gord!
So nice to exchange some thoughts with someone interested in the same stuf!  In fact, not only do I like sports in general, but I try to practice at least four different kinds of sports every week.  And it's been so from the time I attended College up to nowadays.  Is it the same with you?  Man, I just could not live without practicing some kind of physical activity --- yes, you can include sex in there as well ;D! --- at least once a week.
Needless to say that I try to vary a little bit my activities so it does not become a bore!  Right now, for example, I "attend" the Olympic pool every single day and attempt to swim at least two kilometers a day.  Somedays, and when I'm feeling fantastic, I go for double that distance... Not easy, but feasable.
Golf is also something that I just can't get enough of!  I'm playing the courses almost every other day at present!
Cycling, on the other hand, is something I do during the week ends.  Paris is just amazing for this sport 'cause we have several and awfully varied ways to practice it. My favorites are: the seven kilometers around the Longchamps Horse Racing Stadium, in Paris;  and the wonderfully paved way of the Park of Versailles, in the woods.  Just awesome!
Tennis is high also on my agenda, since now is the time to play the clay courts.  Let's say I'm practicing it twice a week,  and I have to force myself to get away from the golf courses for that... ;)
And the rest of my free-time, I spend it in the streets of Paris with my on-line rollers.
How about yourself? 


Salut Val,

Thanks for the letter.  It's a pleasure to meet you. You are busy guy, good for you!

 I'm a bit of a gym rat, love my daily morning workout and mountain bike daily.   I play and coach soccer (surprise), am an avid hiker and sail when friends need crew.  I also do yoga 3 times a week.   

My new workout regime is the 450 sq. ft deck I'm building.  Boy do you work muscles differently when you undertake a construction project.   I've alread installed the hot tub and have it running.   Its become a great favourite with the guys I meet ;)

Paris is a great city, my last visit was June 2004.   

Val, I would like to better this acquaince my I send my hotmail address to  you privately via your POZ account?




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