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Bis repetita!

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Yeap, here we go again!  Who's gonna win this time:  Brazil or France?  Tonight, at 9pm European time, Brazil will be playing France again for a place in the Semifinals  of the Soccer World Cup.  The last time the two teams played at this level of competition, it was at Saint Denis (near Paris),  for the Final of the 1998 Soccer World Cup.  France, back then, beat Brazil by three goals to nil!  Needless to say, my heart was divided in between my two favorite countries in the world!  And there I was, in the Stade de France, holding both flags and somehow suffering and enjoying the wonderful show.
And tonight won't be any different! 

P.S. Hopefully Brazil will be playing Portugal in the Semis, since the English are bound to...loose their match this afternoon!  ;D
....Even worse, England will be playing France in the Semis....Oh my!  God save the Queen! :D

Brazil and Portugal will win.  (Brazil 2:1 France) and (Portugal 1:0 England). 

I hope Germany will beat Italy but considering the Italians' luck so far I am worried. 

I admire both teams, my head says Brazil, but the underdog in me is cheering for France.   



Up to now, you're guessing right!  The match against England was something very emotional.  It is almost time for Brazil to play France!  We'll see in about two hours who's playing Portugal in the Semifinal.


We have to congratulate Gord! 

I was shocked by Brazil win.  I even cried!  But I think the best team won.  Now I hope that Germany will win but I don't want to predict any more!



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