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Tired of suckling the SSDI Tit

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I have purchased both used books and CDs from Amazon, as many really desirable things are either out-of-print or otherwise unavailable.

Although I don't really know much about the specifics either, I'd guess that the vendor pays a commission to Amazon for the listing and in collecting the money (one pays Amazon, not the individual vendor). This percentage must be mutually advantageous, because it flourishes alongside Amazon's regular inventory.

I miss the dusty old stores, but shopping online is so much easier and more practical, and shipping was very easy.

(Who has rarefied tastes)


I almost forgot to say how pleased I am that you and the voc case manager finally hooked up. Good luck in getting back to work.

(Who needs so more tea)

  I am so glad that you and your case manager hooked up.  Please let us know how that pass thing goes for you.


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