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Tired of suckling the SSDI Tit

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--- Quote from: Dan J. on July 27, 2007, 07:02:19 PM ---It is the job of the case manager with Vocational Rehab to help me find suitable employment. She has done NOTHING for me since I reopened my Voc Rehab case. They brush me off because I have the stigma of AIDS attached to myself. I wanted to go back to school  & become a medical  lab Technician but my Voc Rehab counsilors supervisor told me I couldn't do that because i'm HIV + She wanted to provide her with somesort of proof that HIV+ people can work in a medical setting. I told her I personally know HIV+ nurses that are still working in thir chosen profession. She didn't believe me.

Hal, I took the job @ the bank but at the time they wanted me to go FULL time but  I wasn't ready to give up SSDI/Medicare. Now I am ready, willing and able to have a real job with real benefits again.

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Hey Dan,

I think it's very comendable that you are wanting to start a new career.   Clearly, this lady is ill informed and knows nothing about the law.   I do understand your frustration with that.

Have you tried seeking employment assistance with a local work force organization?   Many of these have specialized people who strictly deal with people with disabilities.   

Sometimes ASO staff aren't aware of all the opportunities available and like anyone they can become apathetic with their own jobs.   I'd encourage you to put your energy and ambition in a new direction and avoid an altercation with her.   I know of someone here who did complain about an ASO staff person and all he accomplished was shooting himself in the foot.   Many are reluctant to help him now.   

Best wishes!


Hey Dan,

I have also been disapointed with the Ticket to Work program.  Signed up immediately becvause in their words thetre were over 4 million people on disability and this was an attempt to help those of us who could, return to work.  I got my "Ticket to Work" on my Birthday month and started making calls.  That was at least 4 years ago.  Ticket to work did not and still does not offer any job placement services.

With the Re-Entry Task Force, I called the 4 Sonoma County offices who help with resume services under the Ticket to Work Program.  They did not attend our public gathering of people living with HIV.  SonomaJobs, Goodwill and JobLink did, along with the Positive Resource Center of San Francisco.

Positive Resource Center can not accept more than 3 persons at a time from any other county because of funding and availability.  Sonoma County did offer a van at no cost to the client patients at no charge.  SonomaJobs, Goodwill, and JobLink, like most non-profits had meetings to [plan meetings, to talk about meetings.  Half of our audience went to meet with these organizations and are still looking for work.  Have the best day
(who would say, "tired of sucking the SSDI cock, but there is not one they know about")   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Why shouldn't Dan complain about his case worker - she's obviously not doing the job she's paid for.

Dan, maybe you could go for HER job. You're probably better qualified! Good luck with going after her. I really get riled with people who work in this type of job who don't actuall "work". It's sickening. ::)


Hey, I understand the frustration of your caseworker not calling you back.  Here in Indiana, they privatized the social services offices, which was such an assanine thing to do.  But that's Mitch Daniels for ya.  Now when someone calls welfare, they don't know if they're talking to a computer or somebody in the frickin' Bahamas! 
   I am currently going to school through voc. rehab.  I don't know why your voc. rehab counselor wouldn't let you go to school.  Lots of positive people work in the medical field.  That's not what I'm going for, but, hey, whatever will make you happy.  I, however, am not going to look for full-time work when I graduate because I can't afford to lose Medicare Part D.  Hence, I will only be working as much as social security allows before cutting me off.  Good luck with your situation.  It pisses me off also, like Ann, when people in social service jobs don't do any social service!  Keep fighting!

I don't have any good advice but I can say that your caseworker is not properly doing her job,  the slag.  I join the chorus that it completely twists my tit when people in social services do not and cannot possibly muster any form of compassion and humanity required for such positions.

Don't lay off..keep at it..



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