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Hello ladies I am blacky from Houston and I am new to this and all I needed is to hear is other people stories to let me know I am not alone so Thank You. I am a mother of two tested poz in June and taking it one day at a time. I just received my blood work back and I do not need any med. I am currently in college and I am working a fulltime job. I try to avoid stress in my life by staying away from people who tries to put me down. I am just getting involved in church, volunteering at a hiv clinic to let the people know that they are not alone. Let me give you a little advice the more you stay busy and involved in the community is the less you will get depress and think about being poz. People you can make a difference by going to some organizations and encouraging people to get tested and letting the poz. people know that there is still life after testing poz and please just get involved. God has a plan for us all and we all have a certain talent and ask him he will tell you. I will be soon on a film telling my status and motivating the world to get tested and how it can save your life and hoping everybody will be able to see it so be looking out for it. Please be strong we all have our bad days but we just have to be strong. I went to church this sunday and I prayed for us poz people to full fill our every wish some of us want kids, a husband or support from our family members and I believe in god to make it possible all things are possible. I am a friendly outgoing person and if you need a friend to talk to I am here with all open arms. Things happen for a reason and you can turn being hiv poz. in a positive way. Remember the more busier you are is the Less stress you will become. Stay strong it's better to know then not to know at all.

Hi Blacky,

Thanks for your post.  I have been online here posting for about a month, I have been poz since '93.  I have been unemployed and I am waiting for a meteor to hit me and knock some sense into me.  Here I am, at a crossroads, with an opportunity to start over and makes exciting changes in my life as far as a career goes.  I am a numbers girl, the office mgr bookkeeper type, but I can't help but wonder if the health dept would hire me to help educate others?  I almost feel its my duty to reach out, you know?  Its so encouraging to see you here reaching out and offereing to US rather than asking for help for yourself.  Thats very selfless of you, so thank you.  I hope to see you in more future posts!


P.S. - Thank you for praying for me, I want a husband, lol!  Don't NEED one, just want one, lol!


--- Quote from: MOONLIGHT1114 on July 25, 2007, 06:17:47 PM --- I am waiting for a meteor to hit me and knock some sense into me. 

P.S. - Thank you for praying for me, I want a husband, lol!  Don't NEED one, just want one, lol!

--- End quote ---

ML -- you might consider pursuing sitcoms -- writing, producing or acting!

Hey Blacky
Saw a couple of your first posts when you were being "redirected" so to speak. Glad to see you found the PW forum and that you're doing so well in such a remarkably short period of time. You've let no moss grow on your thundering hooves! That volunteering stuff is good medicine and a great reality check.

Hey Blacky-
  Welcome to the forums.  I've been HIV+ since 1989 (maybe '88, but I was diagnosed in 1989).  I've been on several different cocktails for this nasty virus.  I've been on disability since 1994, when I had the wasting syndrome and got down to 87 lbs. (I'm 5'9").  I've been pronounced dead twice.  Right now I'm completing a bachelor's degree in psychology.  Then I'm only going to work as much as disability allows, as I can't afford to lose the prescription coverage.  Oh, and I've been in recovery (NA/AA) since '89.  I hope you continue in the positive direction you're going.
(who does NOT want a husband-too much work). ;)

:) Hello ladies, my name is Vivian. I was referred to this website by accident. Which is quickly becoming a good thing. I see that there is a strong bond between us women that are positive. I became infected about the year 2000. I say about the year 2000 because its still a blur. I had a lot of deaths in my family that year I lost my uncle, aunt, father and my mother in law, in less than 4 months all in a row and just shortly before this was told I had Lyme's disease as well as HIV. So...... after dealing with funerals and all the things that death entails. Slowly I picked up all the teeth I had left (life can kick you in the teeth pretty hard sometimes) I decided that I still wanted to live. I thought that I had lost all the fight I had in me, but I just refused to pity myself.
It took me time to get it together, I had also kicked out my ex- not because of HIV, just because..........(that's another story) oh yeah I also lost my job....(time off for funeral's) so i packed and got out of dodge.
moved to another state (to be close to mom) and have started again.
I don't think that I ever let the HIV intimidate me (I went to DR, got meds, adhere and life goes on) it was the Lyme's. It really makes my bones hurt and the joints swell . It took a long time for SSI to go through, but I got it. ( I also now work out and take my vitamins and really love myself.)
I have fought nail and tooth but now 7 years later I'm still alive and well. I have great friends that are and aren't positive and I plan to go back to college. As far as a long term relationship (met a great guy) and he's looking for a wife, but I want college first.
Ladies I"m not by any way saying that this was easy, I  just decided HIV lives with me and I don't live with it. I try to stay stress free and do what I like and help my community.
My best advice for the newly -  infected is  make up your mind to live and do just that. HIV has a process and you have to walk the walk get over it and go on........
Education about your ailments calm the fears and don't judge the ignorant educate them.
Hows that for encouragement.


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