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Do I have AIDS? Unsuspected anal activitiy and now I am worried!!

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--- Quote from: Ann on July 01, 2006, 05:10:35 AM ---SurferDude,

Can I ask why you are using different usernames while posting to our forums? Thus far, you have also used Worrying Freddy

Please realize that this kind of activity is disrespectful of other forum members, as well as our moderators. People spend a considerable amount of time helping others in these forums. Using multiple accounts is at the very least annoying, if not deceiving and disrespectful of others. It is also against our Terms of Membership which you agreed to when you became a member. This information is also contained within the Welcome Thread, which you should have read by now. So really, you have no excuse.

You must realize that the answers won't change, no matter how many names you post under.

I would appreciate a reply to this message, and I hope you will commit to using just one account - preferably your original one. If not, you will be banned from further access to the forums.


--- End quote ---
I apologize, I'll only use one name for now on.

I urge you to read the lessons in HIV transmission and testing as outlined in the Welcome page to this site.

I say this because it is highly unlikely that anyone, myself included, will entertain you here further.

Thank you for apologizing. Many of us might be sick, but our time remains valuable.

SurferDude/Worrying Freddy,

I've disabled your SurferDude account so you can go back to your original account.

Also, it helps us to help you when you keep all your additional thoughts or questions in one thread. With this in mind, I'm locking this one so you can return to your original thread and post under your original account name of Worrying Freddy.

If you need help finding your thread when you come here, click on the "Show own posts" link under your name in the left-hand column of any forum page.

Please also read through the Welcome Thread so you can familiarize yourself with our Forum Posting Guidelines.

If you create a third account, you will be banned, no questions asked. OK?

Thank you for your cooperation.



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