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Thoughts on Diflucan and Candidas

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I was just prescribed with Diflucan to treat what the doctor thinks may be Candida. I've been on 4 courses of antibiotics to treat what tested positive for strep about a month ago. I take the antibiotics and about a week later the same symptoms keep coming back, head pain, rapid heart beat, minor sore throat. When I take the antibiotics the symptoms go away but the doctor say it might stil be Candida. I'm hoping that the Diflucan will do the trick! If the pain comes back I'll go into UMC to see if in fact it is fungal or bacterial. I'd just like to know of anyone experiencing Candida and what was done to help them.



  I do not know much about Candida other than what I have read in the lessons. I do tend to have thrush more frequent than I would like and my doctor always gives me the Diflucan for that. It does work well to clear up the thrush fairly quickly. Maybe it will work well for you. I hope you feel better very soon.


Matty the Damned:
Difflucan (or fluconazole for the eggheads) is excellent stuff. I love it. I'm periodically ravaged by oral thrush and it always fixes me up quick smart. Similarly if you're a bit low on CD4's it protects against cryptococcal meningitis.


I've used Diflucan for thrush, and it has worked very well with no side effects for me. I hope you get everything figured out. Eating some organic yogurt, plain, is a good thing while on antibiotics. It can help to replenish the good bacteria.


 Diflucan is a good drug, and it does it's job. Back in 2003 I had esophageal thrush. There was no indication of this within my mouth. It wasn't until an upper endoscopy was done, that I realized I had it. I was put on Diflucan, it started working immediately.

I was having ( at that time) a lot of difficulty in eating and swallowing. it was pretty painful. Felt as though I was chewing ground glass.I was blaming it on GERD at that time. Candida, can be a nasty little infection to get rid of, and may take several courses of treatment.

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