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hello everyone...

my 29 year old son tested positive almost 4 months't believe it has been 4 months already.  he was started on Atripla (368/81,000) last month.  i have since read that he should have had his numbers read several times before going on meds...but...what is done is done.

he is feeling better...finally...and married his g/f on June 1st...what a wonderful and loving young woman she is...she just loves him for who he is and not what he has.

there is so much information on here that sometimes it can seem overwhelming.  i guess my biggest concern right now is his nutrition.  are there any supplements...better than others..that he should be taking?  he has yet to meet with the nutritionist at the clinic (his fault).  being young and newly married...broke, i should worry that he is not eating as well as he should be.  he has already lost about 12-15 pounds. 

can anyone give me some advice?

lizzie lou (mother of christian, HIV+)

I agree that putting him on meds after those results and only 1 test is a bit hurry some, but like you said, it's done. I'm not sure if you want to start getting him to swallow supplement pills without really knowing why. You don't mention him being in need of supplements before he tested HIV, and it looks like he's got other things to think about right now!!! I think he needs a full health assessment and go from there, the full assessment should be part of his first tests, and see if there is any deficiency that supplements may help with, and discuss with his HIV doc.

If he's lost weight unexpectedly it could be due to seroconversion, and may be he will soon gaining weight back. If not, then the reason for the weight loss should be found, and using supplements without knowing what's really going on is not the way to go.


Hi, well don't feel sorry for him starting meds... when we are diagnosed we are all very confused.

About supplements i agree with milker, he has to get fully checked first. Plus the nutritionist will advice him what he needs, you will see our diet does not change too much... except that we cannot eat as many hamburguers as before buuuu..... :'(

I am not on meds yet, but since i was feeling down and tired my Dr prescribed me complex b and vitamin c, ask your doctor about it. Perhaps he might not need them.

Feel free to post any question you have we are here for you and for him :) Welcome to the family!!

Juan Carlos

Andy Velez:
Hi Lizzie,

As a parent myself I certainly can appreciate your concern about Christian's weight loss and all the other issues. What's essential is that he be under the care of doctor with whom he can develop a good working partnership to stay healthy. Someone who is monitoring his numbers and otherwise available to discuss questions and concerns.

There's always a fine balance to be maintained between parent and adult offspring between expressing concern and making suggestions and respecting your the ability of your "child" to take proper care of himself.

Living with HIV is very new for each of you in this equation, including his new wife, so I would say proceed cautiously and give it time for settling in. In the meantime you are of course welcome to ask questions here and to discuss anything you're concerned about. If you haven't already done so you might want to let your son and his wife know about this site.



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