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How long have you been on the same combo?

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From what I've seen and read, this 6 year suggestion is mostly due to the drugs being fairly new, so long term data simply is not available. I have also noticed many long timers are being switched to the latest meds, like sustiva. Not because of any failure with their original meds, but in that the newer meds are easier on the body and taking the meds are not so time-food related. Just makes it easier for those who started on the earlier meds. My close friend out west went on the first meds back in 1995. He has been undetectable the whole time. Just 6 months ago they switched him onto sustiva/truvada, just to simplify his meds.
As far as I know, these newer meds donít really have a 'time frame" in their ability to work, as of yet.
Especially for first timers starting on these newer meds, I get the impression they can live a fairly normal life span. Lets hope so...

Was on Truvada, Reyataz, Norvir for several months. Superb suppression but caused nightmares and strange mental issues. Doctor swapped for Norvir, Epzicom, Lexiva. There was no failure in initial regimen, i.e., failure was not the reason for the swap

Kaletra/Combivir since 2002. Also Septra in the beginning when my CD4 count was low.

Currently it's 1100+, and VL remains at -50 (undetectable).

Maybe my Dr. is too optimistic. But according to him, drugs should never fail if you are adherent. Even in the protocols about HIV from the Spanish Social Security (Gesida) I could read the virus is still undetectable after a week without meds, so they consider skiping the drugs a few days should not cause resistance. Myabe we are optimistic here in Spain....


I started on my combo the third week of October of 2003, The initial combo was Viramune, epivir, and Zerit. The Zerit was dropped , and replaced with Ziagen, a month or so after starting meds. Viread was added September of 04. When Epivir and Ziagen became available in one pill (Epzicom) I switched to that.



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