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I received Employee of the Month at the other Hotel I work for today!! Yippee. Last month, it was the other hotel. What amazes me frankly and please I am not tooting horns or anything of that nature. These kind of recognitions for me are really not necessary. But you know, it makes you think that you can and will continue to give back to your community or your fellow peers in a positive manor even in the face of adversity. These past 10 months have not been easy at all! I have tried to "make a difference" in peoples lives. This particular recognition was doing my EMT work. Cardiac problems and I just felt I was going to have to "shock" him. It all turned out so well, I and the patient bonded and I felt so infinitely good about helping him. Gosh, that's better than any recognition I could ever receive. Doing things for others is so much more rewarding then receiving. I pledge to continue to be there for others for as long as God will allow me... :)

Frame, frame, and FRAME that thing, Baby!  I did mine.  My work's EOM is really EOQ since we can only feed everyone each quarter, if budget allows.  Since most everyone sees me as their Asshole, Snooping and Minion-Informant-to-the-Boss        co-worker, I consider it a high honour.

Andy Velez:

Virginia Woolf said "life is about service," and the longer one lives the more the truth of that becomes apparent.

It really is a curse to have a life without service to others.


Matty the Damned:
It really is a curse to have a life without service to others.

In that case Andy, I'll have a latte and one of those poppy seed muffins. ;D

(Who is a noted comic genius)

hey...servitude got me into this mess...

Congratulations, Eric!
That's very cool.


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