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med changes due to bigbelly skinnylegs n arms..

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I don't know if anything can get rid of the old "pot belly syndrome" except for lipo.  I wish I did know, since some people think I'm actually pregnant.

To Moonlight.
I never had a skinny face, rather oval, but now my face is more fuller..go figure.
Its mainly my middle area, and once again the humpty dumpty look..Mainly i believe this happens to women..correct me if iam wrong here.

Ubott....have u posted this in the Womens Forum?.....for more female opinions?
I didnt even know you were a woman from your post!

modified to add: I know that men use fitness exercise and weight lifting to help control the effects of lipoatrophy.  I dont know how effective this is for women. The face is the  most difficult area.

Do you have an exercise routine?


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