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med changes due to bigbelly skinnylegs n arms..

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I went to my dr. and asked him if he could stop my belly from getting any
bigger than it is already..Also told him about my skinny legs and arms..
I wanted something that wouldn't damage my appearance so much.
He switched my meds from combivir to Truvada...He said theres no azt in
Truvada..But, when i got home from the pharmacy, i read the side effects
of Truvada..And dontcha know does the same exact crap as combivir..
I go this week to get a blood test done to see how truvada is working on me,.
I don't have an appt till for now ill just keep taking this crap and when
ii get my blood results back, and the dr sees them, either way, i want to
change my meds again..It says on truvada not to just stop this medication, ill
have to be weened off..
Iam so sick of looking the way i do from the side effects..and iam sure you
old timers feel the same way...
If anyone could help me on this BIG issue, I would really appreciate..

With regard to Truvada causing lipodystrophy, I think it's a matter of degree. AZT and d4T are very strongly associated with lipoatrophy--wasting in the face, the butt, and in the extremities. I believe that Viread is far less associated with this side effect than AZT and d4T.


Hey Ubotts,

I believe Allan is correct. Truvada is less likely to cause lipoatrophy than Combivir.

I know this is bothersome for you. I have dealt with it for a while myself. I finally switched when I got the hump. In my case, I stopped taking Crixivan and switched to Sustiva.

Then I dropped the Sustiva and went back to a PI based regimen because I couldn't handle Sustiva.

I would talk it over with your doctor and maybe he/she can come up with something else.

I continue to take Combivir, mainly because I really don't want to deal with another switch at this time. Also, there are several new classes of drugs expected to be introduced either this fall or in the spring that may not carry with them these side effects. I don't know much about them as yet, but they do sound promising.

These are entirely new classes of drugs, not just more of the same classes. They are integrase inhibitors, maturation inhibitors and some type of cellular protector or inhibitor. (Like I said, I don't know too much about them as yet.)

So, don't give up hope even if it means sticking with the Truvada for a while.



I was on Sustiva and d4t and doc noticed the "gaunt" look in my face as well as my potbelly.  I switched to Sustiva/Truvada in Oct 2005 and started getting my face back in 2006, so it really isn't as bad as you think.  Its the d4t that is the absolute worst from what my doc said and from what I have read.


I know this is a bit of a change in subject. My partner and I are both long time survives of HIV/AIDS. Over the years the meds have taken a toll on my partners face. For a man in his mid 50's it's hard to look into the mirror and see a face you don't recognize.
I work for a major hotel chain and have insurance to cover both of us. What Iím asking is does anyone know if there are any treatments to correct the swollen neck glands and the sunken cheeks?
Thank you,

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