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I am having a real fucking problem

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aww thats terrible your ex is so mean. my advice to you is hang out with other poz people or suppot group and change your phone so those evil people wont call..

Just read your post and like most, been there after i found out i was positive i was on a mission to get it over with(dying that is), by using meth, pills,boos, and trying to cut my wrist, and this went on for about 9 months after my dx: until i ended up in hospital on my death bed, and only by GOD'S grace i made it through and it sounds like to me you are a very beautiful, sweet, and caring person and as far as your ex and his buddies, to hell with what they think, (they sound like they are the LOSERS) and not you. You are a  wonderful person. Just surround yourself with others that are like you, who can see  beyond the disease and see the true beautiful person that you are.  And this to will pass, we've all gone through something similar. It does get better.

"I have HIV, it doesn't have me"

Hugs to you babe!


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