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Truvada/Kaletra/AZT Combo

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I would (in essence) agree with your pharmacist about the viral load and wait period, but necessarily consider any switching unless you find the side-effects of the drugs intolerable.  Any switching MAY be more likely to lead to resistance even if resistance isn't apparent at the time of the switch.  My virus is resistant to some drugs, but not to the AZT which I have now been taking almost contnuously for about 15 years.  I like the idea of being off the AZT, but at least the side effects of that particular drug are relatively benign... the thought of pancreatitis or some other side-effects of other drugs scares me far more than the thought of being fatigued to the point where I have to spend a little more time on the sofa watching TV with my dogs around me!

Anyone else find their pets incredibly therapeutic?

 :) - David

I am not sure there's any real evidence to justify extra drugs for "aggressive" strains.  But, belt and braces eh? In which case I'd want to start on Trizivir plus eg Kaletra cos Trizivir contains abacavir which is strong drug, bit stronger than the tenofovir in Truvada.  If you's gonna bomb the virus, carpet bomb the damn bastard.

Personally I'd want a CD4 over 200 + at least 6 months undetectable viral load result before dropping the AZT.

Good luck.

- matt


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