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I'm getting divorced (sort of)

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I have smoked cigarettes longer than Iíve been HIV positive Ė which will be 19 years in September. This has got to stop.

After procrastinating for about five years (after a return to smoking following a 12-year break), I've decided to divorce Mr Nicotine  Ė again. Iíve set my target date and Iíll be going cold-turkey, the same way I did last time since none of the stop smoking products help me at all - not the pills and not the patches. Besides, why replace nicotine with nicotine? Makes no sense. And after reading that side effects may include nausea, vomiting, gas, headache and insomnia, Chantrix is and will remain a last resort option, if all else fails.

So, I am waiting on the delivery of a new bed this morning which will be my sanctuary from the world until I become civilized again. Also I have timed this horrifying event for when the boyfriend will be out of town (for work the first week of my withdrawal), so heíll be out of danger of getting his head literally ripped off. I clearly remember the mood swings and the fits of anger and the utter insanity from the last time so itís for the best.

Getting a new bed may be no major event, but it is the first outward signal to me that I am finally getting serious about making this change.

Thanks for reading,


Best of luck with this, Daniel.   My oldest brother is in the process also, except he is using Chantix.

Enjoy the new bed!



Best of luck to you Daniel!


Best of luck in your decision about quitting.

Not easy, but since I have done it; so can you.

Take care.


PS cold turkey is best and enjoy the new bed.

Thanks all,

Yes Alain, I remember well the freedom from being chained to smoking. Unfortunately I also remember the cravings never entirely left me in the 12 years I'd stopped, which was ultimately my downfall. Maybe this time I will be stronger and not get seduced all over again. I should also probably cut up my new VISA card.



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