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Queen Tokelove:
Dragonette says:" PS I do check you Queen... I was gonna respond there but it ended up about me.
I do have something to say that online it's just different and I wouldn't give up on it yet. It's really hard I know but we have to make leaps of faith sometimes. What else can we do? It's hard not to keep on building defence mechanisms, esp. as you get continuously burned, esp. with this medium. but you can gauge a sense of the person. You mentioned the cost of calls once. You can install skype from their site and have free calls to a computer and almost free to landlines, just need to buy earphones+ small mike, that is very cheap. And you can make "dates" to meet online with Boo or whomever, instead of not knowing when to talk, can just agree on a time that you will both be there, available, for a call. As for checking profiles I hardly think it means anything, I was checking my ad way way into my relationship until I learned how to deactivate it, it was not for cruising just curiosity, I even wrote to a couple guys apologizing that I am now involved and wishing them luck, and got a couple tips from them about health insurance in the EU. We don't know... I would not judge that this way or another yet."

I was talking to Boo on computer using yahoo. He taught me that one. I have not heard from him lately and am wondering if he is in the hospital again. I never heard of skype til I got here. I do have speakers that I can hook up, I forgot about them. I will go to Wal Mart and check out a mic since I also need to get some blanks cds. I see you have been keeping up....I must be a good read... :D


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