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These questions caught my eyes as a long-term non-progressor....

Q: Is this something like remission? is there such a thing?
Q: Do they think there could be a chance they can kill the virus altogether?

.....hehehehe  <thoughts of world domination running through my head>..... Even for those of us who have effective immune system control of the virus (June 2007 viral load was 100, after just shy of 25 years), eradication of HIV is just a dream.  The damned bugs lurk not only in active and resting immune cells, but also in other tissues where meds and our kick-ass suppressor cells don't necessarily penetrate.  And, sadly, it seems that anything exceptionally potent against HIV also has an evil side regarding the human body, so I'd hate to see what anything that can eradicate HIV would do to us...
Q: What is a normal T cell count range?

For whom, when, and under what conditions?  Several hundred is a lot more realistic an expectation for the average person that anything over 1000.

My viral load count has been consistently less than 50 (undetectable) since I began meds in 2002.

Welcome to the survivor's club.



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