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Update: New Meds

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Hey all,

Thought I would give an update on what's been happening.

After much consultation, discussion and review, I will be dumping Sustiva for Reyataz with a Norvir boost.

Reyataz is more lipid friendly and may not contribute to the lipohypertrophy. We'll see. At least I will be able to sleep and work normally.

We thought about Viramune, but my CD4s are too high and there was a real concern it would cause liver issues.

My pharmacist assures me the new meds will be in today. So, starting today, I will be on the new regimen: Combivir, Reyataz and Norvir.

I will have to stop taking the Protonix because proton pump inhibitors are verboten with Reyataz. So, I will ask the doc today about Pepcid instead. It has to be taken 10 hours prior to the Reyataz, but I think I can work out the logistics.

Wish me luck.



So I wish you luck, Mark, keep us posted :)

Milker (who crosses fingers for Mark).

I hope this goes well for you, Mark.

Good luck!


This sounds like a good switch.

Good luck and keep us posted.



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