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Hi! My name is Ron and I am living with HIV and PML. Myself and a fellow PML survivor wanted to test the viability and usefulness of an email support group for others affected by PML. Therefore, I have started a Yahoo Group to facilitate this idea. I personally have posted details of my own struggle with this illness and invite others to do the same on the site. It seems little is still known of this affliction, so at best this could lead to new ways of seeking treatment for some and at least a forum for finding inspiration and venting frustrations for others.  It has been personally frustrating and isolating for me not being able to efficiently find others with stories to share regarding their experience with PML. I thought it might be helpful to initiate an informal group to alleviate some of this frustration. I ask that you take a moment to join this group TODAY! Please be kind and share anything that you feel willing to share, be it about affective medical treatments, recovery successes, relationship struggles, rejection, finding employment, whatever! Your story just may prove invaluable to another. PLEASE do your own soliciting so that this can grow should you know anyone else that has PML. Thanks very much for your time!

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glad you're a survivor of this  :) -which seems to have a high mortality rate.  :( i've never heard of it til now. **WISHING YOU THE BEST**, Alex  :)


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