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Depression and Living Alone

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I agree with an earlier response.....try to help or assist someone else.    I've been poz 20+ years,  had 2 LTR and until 2 months ago was alone for the last 4 or so...EXCEPT... my 4 legged friends.    I have been much luckier than many,  and I also had a dear neighbor across the street who passed 2 years ago.    When I found my home here,  she was the 1st person I met.     She had just lost her husband 2 weeks before I first looked at my house.     She didn't come off as a friendly person at first BUT she softened as soon as I got to know her alittle better.    She told me a million plus times that the Lord had sent me to her!     She put 40 lbs on me the 1st year I lived here,  she often just needed someone to listen and feel like somebody cared.    I never shared with her that I was +,  but she told me many times she knew I had something bothering me & to share it with her when I was ready.    My point for you is,  try to reach out to SOMEBODY even if it's just a wave at a neighbor or someone you see at the store etc.   Offer a SMILE,  hold a door open with a SMILE....make yourself approachable AND if possible rescue a puppy or a dog!    I started with 1,  now have 4 (the last 3 came to ME) and I've told my dogs many times that they are my REASON for keeping on keeping on.   I find that my dogs are ALWAYS glad to see me.    They KNOW when I'm down and they always lift my spirits abit just being there & being dogs.    Best of luck to ya! 

ONE ADVICE THAT HAS HELPED ME.... LISTEN TO MUSIC.... their giving most of their music away and it really helps... also the incredible and ever so wonderous hope it helps. it has helped me. i'm going through the same thing probably going to break up after almost 6 years. Oh and also: look for friends. good luck from mexico...

I am doing better, I have more support from different people, that I believe. Just this past Tuesday evening before dark, 3 Police Commanders dropped by the house, a complete surprise, they told me they were concerned about my health seeming that my trip to the hospital by ems, sent an email to individuals about my failing health. It was such a pleasant visit that left me with a feeling of be wanted.

My doctor increased by seroquel to 75mgs or 3 pills instead of 1 with my night meds. I am sleeping better and longer now, just alittle droggy in the afternoon when I wake up.

Spending alot of time online in the chatrooms, listening to music and watching tv more helps alot the either fall asleep or taking a shower when the marinol side effects begin to fade away.

Hey Happy Pat,

BUBBA PAT sends you big bubba hugs from Irving.

I find that when I'm depressed and want to feel better, I pop in Steel Magnolias.  Watch the movie, cry like a big baby and then I'm ready to go on.
If that doesn't work, a trip to my favorite TexMex place with a few friends helps.

Glad to hear you are doing better.

Bubba hugs!!

Hi TX...Sometimes we allow fear to get in the mix that is our imagination, we connect the dots of stuff that isn't really there, I do it all the time, making mountains out of mole hills in my case and then I realize later that 99% of the things I worry about have no real basis of concern.

Try to make each day better, go out for a walk, talk to people, do things you enjoy...Many folks cannot work but if you can, difficult as it may be, it can take your mind off the little, pesky things that don't mean all that much.

Keep on truckin'



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