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Depression and Living Alone

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I have been getting very depressed the last couple of days and it seems to be getting a little worse. Why? maybe because the loneliness is getting to me now that Juan is going to have move away. I don't know really, but, I have been in the tear stage several times over the past couple of days, like right now. I feel like I am trapped in a stage of my life at this moment, nobody to talk to, nobody to visit with and nobody to be a friend that I can rely on during times like right now.

I have called my ASO case manager everyday this week only to receive her voice mail at times when I needed to talk with someone, it's like things have drastically changed since the days of having a case manager like Becky was with Community Action when I lived in Georgetown, least she would make home visits, but not here, it's like I am just a file sitting in a file cabinet.

I guess crying is okay, I been doing that a lot lately, why am I so sad, I don't know, but something needs to change soon because this is not me, the person I am, just a 51 year old gay man living with aids all alone with no support help...... :'(

A phone call would be nice, but I can't even get that anymore..512-680-3190 (SprintPCS)


I find helping someone else is often the best remedy for changing a situation where we feel isolated. Are there any organizations in your area where you could do some volunteer work? Isolating yourself won’t change the feeling depressed.


I know exactly how you feel. I have been in the same situation. I can only suggest finding a local support group of any type. I attend a local AIDS support group. I have moved my friend in with me. At time is aggravating and I feel like I should kick him out because I end up taking care of him. But I am not alone. I suppose you can say that I pay for the company. He doesent work or do much of anything. I pay to have a companion. In many ways it is sad but I am not alone in the end. It is difficult to be alone and worse to be lonely.
I also understand it is difficult to get out when you are depressed. There are many times I am invited to do things and I just do not go. My depression takes over and I end up isolateding instead of accepting invitations. Try to do things that you love to do find enjoyment in life. Do things that you love. Again I know it is hard to think about and motivate yourself to do the things that you love when you are depressed. Be kind to yourself and treat your self well. Take yourself to dinner. Buy your self something wonderful. Depression and AIDS only exacerbates that being alone feeling.
I wish I had a sure answer to your problem. I fight the fight every day. I struggle to get myself out there. I fight the loneliness. I cry and feel sad. I refuse those invitations and isolate. But I keep trying you must too. Perhaps in the midst of trying we will find that we are no longer alone and depressed. That life is better than we thought it was. Do not give up get a pet. I just keep throwing things out here. I can feel your frustration, pain, and sorrow.

Andy Velez:
Hey Tx,

How's it going today? What are you up to?

I think what you are feeling make sense as you are going through a major change in both the people in your life and your living situation. 

Your case manager may be uncaring, unsympathetic or perhaps just overworked and unable to provide what you need.  I think you need to find a group or some counseling in a face to face setting.

Going by your area code I see you are in the Austin area which I believe has a good number of services.  I don't wish to be presumptuous and assume you don't know any, but and providing a link to one just in case.


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