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how do you look at someone everyday knowing that you have exposed them

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I think you tell yourself that they exposed themselves, and move on.

It's 2006. Most people have heard about safer sex by now.

My 2 cents.


Do you truly know you put someone at real risk of transmission, and if you did were they wearing rose-tinted spectacles at the time, or are you just being hard on yourself for being HIV+?

I don't even see the need for this question, as the others have said, we are all responsible for our own sexual health.


In Love and Support.

Totally agree with everyone else's comments, everyone has the ability to make a decision about safe sex, either they use protection or abstain from risky actions, or they don't.  If they don't, they are at least entertaining the notion that picking up an STI is a *possibility*.  Having exposed someone and having infected someone are also two different things.  An exposure (your words) doesn't mean you have infected them, and there's no love lost.  An infection on the other hand is something you'll have to live with, and deal with. 

Everyone can do their bit to avoid infection, it's not all about you.


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