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I need advice on my job!!!!!!

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Hello, Camry. I know absolutly nothing about this kind of thing but I am hoping that everything works out for you. The other ladies had some really great advice. Best of luck.  Cristy

Here's another situation: explain to your supervisor (again, and respectfully, of course) that you really do need to attend that doctor's appointment, and that you realize you're in training, which makes booking time off difficult. Perhaps offer to bring in a signed doctor's note for your sup, and offer to make up the training day, or offer to work overtime a few nights until you've made it up. Either way, you SHOULD be able to get the day off for a genuine medical reason, or explain to your sup that if you can't take it as a vacation day, you'll need to take it as a sick day.

I just started a job that has policies VERY similar to yours, and it seems that the concern sups have is people taking time off when they legitimately don't need it. That tends to tick them off. If you DO need it, depending on where you live, legally, you're entitled to go to that appt.

The advice others have given about re-scheduling the appt is great, though, and I'd only do what I suggested if that appt was rock-solidly written in stone.

I would first try what CallingAllAngels said.  I have been a supervisor before and I had to deal with many people blowing off work saying it was a doctor's appointment or they were sick and it was not a legitimate excuse.  One person I actually caught:  she was supposedly sick with the flu.  That day, I had an early day due to my own HIV doctor's appointment and afterwards, I went shopping, and who did I run in to but that employee.  That supervisor is trying to avoid the same thing.  I would highly doubt that they can actually prevent you from taking that day off if the appointment is legitimate.  Most places I've been to, even those with strict policies are willing to work with you if you have a legitimate concern.  I would try again and explain that you have a chronic health condition and you really need this appointment.  You don't have to say what it is for, but as she said, offer to make it up, work extra, bring in a doctor's note:  anything.  I would think as long as you did it respectfully and you made it clear you wouldn't try to blow it off without just cause, that the supervisor would make a way to work with you.  Those policies usually are strict to avoid people taking unnecessary time off, usually they won't try to give you crap for something like this.  I think legally they can't prevent you from getting to your doctor's appointments, but don't quote me on that.  Or you could even talk to HR about the policies as well.   I think that trying again would be preferable, because let's face it--it isn't always possible to reschedule an appointment really soon, especially if the doctor has inconvenient hours or is one of those with a busy practise where it is booked constantly.

OK I got more information!

I called Hr and they told me that I didn't qualify for employee medical leave because I have not been at the job for a year yet, However he said that I can go out on short term disability, and that would have to be for consecutive days, and would have to be approved. " I can use a vacation ;D" So I went to see my primary care physician today and he said that he would take me out for as long as I needed. he also put me on Paxil, and Xanax for depression and Anxiety. So I have until the 31st to decide what I want to do because that's when I have to go back and see my pcp doctor.

I just need advice from you all, like if you were in my shoes what would you do. I have prayed on it. and I am deciding to walk out on faith.

My pcp doctor even expressed to me how important it was for me to get my labs done. he said that he would do anything to help me.

I think he feels pity for me, because of the way I contracted the virus.
and he knows that I have been dealing with depression all my life, and I think that he might feel like I need the time off also just to reflect on me, because honestly ladies, lately I have been living in a bubble of my own.
I wear a different mask everyday. One minute I am smiling then I am crying the next.

I am hoping that the paxil and Xanax helps me.

Hope to hear from you all....
Camry :'(

Having run companies and dealt with HR issues, I think you need to handle this situation in an open and comprehensive manner, or it will bite you next time. As a Manager, I would prefer that an employee gives me a heads up about their situation, and to come up with a game plan that satisfies the individual and the company needs then to have to deal with this on an as it comes up basis.

Lets assume that there was an employee who had asthma, and had occaisonal Doctors visits. Would the company refuse them the opportunity? Of course not, especially if they were made aware of this matter and the employee worked wth their managers to ensure that they were contributing and part of the team. Now with HIV, there is obviously a delicate situation, but employers are obligated to respect employee confidentiality in medical issues.

So, if there is an HR Manager in the company, I would suggest asking for a meeting, bring your doctors note indicating that you are being treated and that you require x frequency of visits. aA for a direct manager, thats a delicate issue, probably best to consult with HR as to what they recommend. If there is no HR. then you should discuss this with your Manager.

If you deal with this upfront you wont be all stressed out every time you have an appointment and there wont be suspicion about your absences and commitment.

Now having said all of the above, if you are super uncomfortable about any disclosure at all, then you might have make a go of it, but look for another environment that has more flexibility.


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