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I need advice on my job!!!!!!

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Hi Camry

We're interested in knowing how you're doing and how you decided to move forward on this doctor's appointment issue.

When you get a chance and if you feel inclined, I hope you'll let us know.


Hello All,

I contacted Hr, and they put me through to the Short Term Dis department. they told me that I qualify however it's not protected...which is cool. I am still very nervous and really don't know what to do..because I know that they will;; be giving my status, and I work for my health Insurance company. I just feel like I am dealing with a double headed the end of the day my health comes first, and I know, and hope that they wouldn't let my status come out in fear of a law suit. I go see my pcp on the 31st, and he's going to start all the paper work for me to get out it's that's what I still decide.

I will keep you all posted and thank you all so much for the support.

hello, can you ask your Doctor to give you a note for work without telling is an id doc?
work something out with your boss, can you make up those hours another day?


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