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I need advice on my job!!!!!!

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OK, this is my situation and any advice will help.

I left my previous job that I was with when I was diagnosed..
So I took a job with another company which pays a Lil better. However there attendance policy is so strict, and I haven't been to see my Id doctor since I started there. I started my job in may. I have a appointment in August to see my Id doctor, and I sent my Supervisor  email asking for the day off. without telling her my diagnoses, and she sent me a email saying that I cannot have that day off because I am still in training.

I am scared because I am not even sure if my meds have built resistance or what my #'s are looking like. I just take my meds in the morning not even sure if they are working.

Does anyone have any advice suggestions, on what I might can do about this situation.

I was thinking about giving my two weeks notice the only thing that's keeping me there is the health insurance.


Queen Tokelove:

That is a bit of a tricky one. How long is your training for? Can you reschedule your ID doc appointment? I would hate to see you quit a job that pays well because your Supervisor doesn't want to let you take the day off. In defense of the Supervisor, she prolly thinks you are trying to blow off work. I have seen people use a doctor's appointment to get out of work when there actually was no appointment. I wish I had more insight for you. Maybe someone else will come along with a better idea of what to do....

Hey Cam:
  Wish I had some better advice, but I agree with Queen.  See about rescheduling your doctor's appointment.  If this job is good paying and has good insurance, I wouldn't want to lose it.  Let us know how it turns out.

Hi Camry

What a great name!

My first question is---does your doc have any night-time clinic hours? Or, any extremely early morning hours? Explain the situation to your doc's office FIRST and find out how they can accommodate you.

Or, find out when training ends, and reschedule your doc's appointment to occur after it ends. The employment part of this equation is important to keep intact it seems.

So, calm down. Ask a lot of questions. Find out who's most flexible and come up with a new plan.

Worst case? Switch docs to get access to a night clinic -- my clinic has one to two nights for folks who can't come any other time. Absolutely worst case? Change jobs. However, I caution you not to put this in the hopper of ideas. It doesn't sound warrranted -- too soon -- get trained and get settled -- you probably don't even know the company/job well enough to know if you like it or not.

Keep us informed, will you?

Okay  what kind of insurance do you have?
Is it possible to do your labs on a Saturday and have your doc email or call you with the results?
I am fortunate enough to have Kaiser and my I.D doc will do a phone appt if I can't make it in to see her. However I used to have county health care, and phone appt weren't the norm, but she was so cool, that she would go the extra mile if it were really neccesary.
So talk with the doc or receptionist at the clinic and see if you can get the result by phone or email, and maybe ask some questions that way.
As far as the job, Health is really important, and I think there are laws against not allowing employees the right to a doc appt, training or not. I would check into it with your local employment agency.
Good luck and keep us posted


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