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It is quite common for those of us on PI's to suffer with abnormally high numbers with the heart.  Whether it be blood pressure or high lipid counts, all of this is normal for us, and not necessarily a sign of need for any more medication.  I tried timed release Niacin, which has done an admirable job at lowering my triglicerides which we all know are supposed to be under 100.  Mine have hovered in the 500 range for the better part of three years.  I started the Niacin about four months ago, and my number is now dropping and is currently in the 300 range.  Many uninformed doctors stress over the cardio problems that are the result of PI's, but never fear, the reasons for our high numbers are inevitably because of these pills and nothing else. 

Do with this information what you will, as I have no way of proving any of it. 

In Love.


If this Southern boy's ciphering is have been smoking since you were ten! Can you say "oral fixation" pet? Guess you will have to cut back on the meat pies and Swan's for lunch. Somehow I just can't see you in a Pilate's class. Maybe yoga.......

Aunty Doxie

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Matty, I discovered I had high blood pressure when I was 30 years old. I had been a smoker but quit several months before the test.
I started on aetenol(a beta blocker) at that time. I have been on it for over 20 years. My blood pressure is perfect.
I think alcohol is a bigger factor in high blood pressure than tobaccy,it boils your blood.
I had two close friends who refused to take blood pressure meds, one died in mid 40s and the other suffered a stroke and now has permanent short term memory loss, a fate worse than death.

Matty, my beloved red-headed brother in the cause,
When the diastolic numbers start creeping up into the triple digits, it is time to pay attention.

High blood pressure can cause no end of difficulties, not the least of which is a stroke. Since you know you have had more than one reading that was just too high for comfort, a serious sit-down with the doctor is in order.

I'm not advocating jumping feet first into the realm of hypertension meds, but exploring your options is certainly in order.

Just cause I care.



(Whose own blood pressure spikes whenever he hears Dubya or Ann Coulter speak.)

Matty Dear, lets be watching our BP. Go get it checked again and if it's remaining high get youself on medication. You little slut, you may not have to take it forever.  ;)


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