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Matty, what (if anything) are you taking for epilepsy? Depakote (valproic acid) perchance?

Matty the Damned:
Thanks guys.  :-*

Jay, I take 2500 mg of sodium valproate and 400 mg of lamotrigine daily to control my epilepsy. I really need to have my anti-convulsants reviewed. They control my seizures well, but sodium valproate is not terribly kind on the liver.


 ...PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!!!  It is no joke!!!  As a smoker of 20 years, you have no other option.  The pressure you quoted is DEADLY.  Monitor it at home if you feel both readings were "white coat syndrome".  If you still get these high readings, seek medical help and medicate if necessary/prescribed by your MD.  If you are on PI's and have the all too common elevated cholesterol numbers, etc. you are speeding at a brick wall at 100MPH with no seat belt!!!  Make that 150MPH if you are still smoking!!! :o


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