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Matty the Damned:
 . . . well hypertension at any rate.

Yesterday I visited the clinic to have my bloods taken by my Clinical Nurse Specialist, the Indefatigable Joe. She can speak, read and write chinese. I think anyone who isn't chinese but can read those crazy characters is pretty cool. Since I haven't actually had my bloods done since January (and because certain people won't stop bitching at me about it) I figured it would probably be a good idea. My last work up was cool and I don't expect this one to be any different.

Being an old fashioned hospital trained RN, Joe fussed about doing other nursey things to me including taking my blood pressure. The old ways are dying out. Rather than use a manual hand pumped sphyg, she cheats and uses some fandangled electronic gadget. I think it takes the romance out of the clinical encounter, much like a plastic speculum would make a pap smear an impersonal experience.

Well anyway my blood pressure was 158/111. This is not good. I'm not surprised, I have to say my BP has been elevated for a while and there have been times when it's been much higher than that. When I came out of surgery at the dental hospital it was 190/160. The RN there freaked out a bit and threatened to not let me leave until it came down. I willed the fucker to drop.

But yesterday was the first time anyone had used the term "hypertension" with reference to me. I mean my grandmother has hypertension for Christ's sake. But there's no way around it. Joe said "We're going to have to do something about your hypertension," and she's got spooky medical powers. When she says stuff like that it counts.

Shit. High blood pressure? At 30? Smoking for 20 years will fuck your health it would seem.

(Who blames all of this on Dubya)

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Certain people?



Well smoking doesn't help (neither does Bushie, goddess knows), but it could be a genetic component.

Who knows?  Important to get those numbers down though, Boss!

(whose gaydar also says Lipid Profile has recently or will be in the cards)

Two high readings, at a hospital/clinic where blood pressure tends to be elevated, doesn't necessarily mean you have hypertension, (or that it is high enough to get treated with meds).  One option is to take BP readings at various times of the day for a week or so, (you can buy those automatic reading machines at your local drug store).  Those readings will be more important to your doctor in terms of deciding if treatment is warranted and possibly what, (and the dosage), medicine to use.

Uncontrolled hypertension and smoking don't mix very well.

I too know about high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My doc's threaten me each blood test with an increase in pill swallowing if I don't do something about both highs. So far my answer has been to increase my consumption of red wine, eat blue cheese sparingly and cut back on pork and bean burritos unless I add more tomatoes and roasted chili peppers to the burritos.

I've also made major sacrafices by giving up cigars and beer! My gawd what else can I do?

(who thinks MtD really really likes Dubya for his inspirational leadership, one liners, and comic relief)


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